Meta Investors Treasury

What is the Meta Investors Treasury?

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It's the treasury that holds the assets that make up the underlying value of our NFTs. The proceeds from the minting will be put into this fund but it is the royalties that will make it grow. 90% of the royalties will go to this fund. 10% will go to buy back NFTs and burn them.

The treasury will be split into different areas such as Liquidity pools, ICO and NFTs. All focusing on paying out the highest possible dividend. We will be a liquidity provider that invests in DEX that has a high APY. The most important thing for us is to grow the fund and find the best investments for the highest possible dividend.

The fund will be divided as follows:

  • 70% Liquidity Pool
  • 15% NFTs
  • 15% ICOs

The liquidity pool coins we will invest in will be BTC and ETH mainly. We only invest in projects that we believe will still exist in 10 years. Join us on the journey into the economy of the new borderless web 3.0 world.